Executive Networking Introduction Service

Exec Connect™ is a innovative executive networking service that goes way beyond social networking to get you in front of the people you want to meet.

Exec Connect is unlike social networking "services" like LinkedIn® which have limited and often out-of-date contact information and use an awkward & open-ended introduction method. The results from using this type of service are frequently frustrating:
  • The people you wish to network with aren't listed
  • Your introductions are hindered by having to use an anonymous email address and limited message size
  • Your requests to "connect" are ignored

Exec Connect is an interpersonal networking service that enables business leaders to proactively connect with other desirable executives to open new doors, expand business opportunities, and advance their careers.

How Exec Connect Works
Our professional networking staff works with the client to develop a list of individuals to contact based on multiple targeting criteria. We then help our clients establish a comfortable and effective introductory approach that quickly builds rapport and develops the relationship. Networking introductions are usually done in person, but can be performed by telephone (less effective) when distance or time is an issue. The process typically goes like this:

  • Exec Connect works with the client to identify a pool of organizations to target and type of individuals to meet
  • When an individual is unknown, we research and identify the person
  • We contact the individual to introduce the client and confirm their area-of-responsibility
  • We set a specific time for the two to talk or meet

Our introduction success rate is high due to our unique & effective approach and skilled personal networking staff. We provide reminders and rescheduling, if needed, for both parties to insure that connections are made.

Why use Exec Connect

  • Grow your business proactively
  • Build meaningful executive relationships that foster personal, organizational, and business development
  • Develop long-lasting personal & professional relationships
  • Greatly accelerate the social networking process/experience
  • Facilitate complex strategic sales
  • Overcome sales opportunities that have stalled or failed at lower-levels
  • Establish strategic business alliances and partnerships
  • Augment and stimulate your current social networking activities

Industries Where Executive Direct Contact Works Well

  • Professional services
  • Management consulting
  • Contracting
  • IT services
  • Financial services
  • Engineering


"This networking approach really works. I walked out of one meeting recently with a services job"
Mike Cavanaugh, President of Queen City Electric

For more information about Exec Connect, please call (513) 531-3200 or email us at: info@exec-exec.com

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